How many words can be attached to this acronym?

As I was riding, yet once again up the interstate,  the usual thoughts and ponderings jostling around my cranial cavity, this acronym paused before my conscious awareness as it paraded by via my personal ticker-tape.

WOW – Women On Wheels.  Kind of obvious I think, but then I have ridden with some very fine lady riders from this organization.  And her sister – HOW – Heels On Wheels.

WOW – Wonder Of Wonders. A phrase infrequently used but having a double meaning for me as I pause to consider the handiwork of the Creator.

WOW – While not an acronym; might be the expression used by some of  opposing genders referencing their enjoyment of one another as they pause to consider the handiwork of the Creator!

My original WOW! thought was regarding what a year it has been, like “What O What!” and pondering  what the remaining 4 months might hold.  Solar power was finally restored Monday.  However, I am needing to update my refrigerator and upright freezer since they lack Energy Star ratings and consume too much power.  Things are still not working 100% as one inverter continues to not be fully functional and then changes it’s read-out to Spanish and I live north of that border.  So I’m living on the miserly power consumption diet now! Keeps my mind ticking….like heating my morning water-milk mixture for my coffee-hot cocoa drink in an iron skillet on the BBQ.

The other WOW comparison is regarding a study I had the pleasure of facilitating with some most delightful ladies.  This WOW affects nearly every waking moment of every day for every human.  Created for the most intimate area of our lives!  Do tell, you insist!!!

Well, if  I must….it is the War of Words.

Words were originally created for our most intimate of conversations, the ones with our Creator.  Like most of what has been so graciously and generously given to us we are hell-bent (pun could be intended) on greedily grabbing them  for our self-serving purposes.

Oh how many times have I misused words to wage war on someone I deemed to be deserving of a tongue-lashing, unleashing my pent up frustrations on that final person that did not dot their i’s nor cross their t’s; the one who dared not meet my expectations; deemed to be un-deserving of words that edify, words that come alongside, words that build-up, words that encourage on to the better road rather than words that slam the door of their heart shut as they batten up the shutters of their ears.

Monday is court.  A big day to me as I have no legal representation and so in my mind feel as tho I enter with stone in leather sling against the giant with armor and weaponry.  We know that story ends with a thunderous ka-thud as the giant falls dead to the ground before his dumb-struck legions.  While I cannot know the outcome as I walk into this valley, I do know Thee One who goes before me, beside me and round about me.  I do know Thee One that created my mind and can guide it.  Thee One that created words.  Thee One who loves and battles for, righteousness.  I am exceedingly grateful to be blessed by a brother gifted with a bright and disciplined mind in the matter of Law that is walking alongside of  me as I prepare for this battle…this War of Words!

I had a picture to insert here that I had taken a few years back in my old yard as I was working to dig out patches of weeds that had taken over from the wild hogs rooting around, but alas I accidentally deleted it and do not have the time now to browse my recycle bin to retrieve it.  It showed the mass of tangled, overgrown weeds – choking out the life of everything around it and yet itself dead and lifeless!  Ugly, barren of beauty.  But there in the midst of that ugly barren, seemingly lifeless tangle of weeds was a rock in the shape of a heart.  And as would be ordained, my thoughts began to whirl with an analogy….how even in the seemingly worst, deadest (if that is a word) of situations, hope is alive.

A courtroom is filled with words.  Will they be words of truth or words of lies?  Will they be words that tear down – birthed out of a bitter and malicious heart?  Or, will they be words that direct righteousness – born out of a heart that’s source is otherworldly?

Thus my long silence has been out of necessitation, buried deep in legalese.  Stretching my mind as if it were some pliable piece of salt-water taffy…(hmm, what flavor would it be?).  Reviewing.  Rehearsing.  Role-playing.  How I need Recall!

I desire to hold no ill-will towards the one I stand in battle against for it is one that I once covenanted my love to.  It is one that, oh so sadly, has lost his way and the life blood is being drained from him as so many addiction leeches continue their assault devouring every corner and cranny of the person he once was.

With this I close as I must return to preparations…..I ask or rather I ponder?  What measure of a person’s character when they can pray goodwill for the very one that seeks to destroy them?

As always, Bless and Be Blessed!

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