The Road is Lonnggg

a long road?

The Road is Long, with many a winding turn…the words from the song “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” come to mind.  Sometimes it’s a long road home.  Most times we must travel for a season, or two, or three in the deserts of this life before we can soar on mountain tops.  Ever hike a tall mountain?   How was it?  Were you in shape for it, prepared, with the proper tools or equipment?  If so, did you still have moments when your body was rebelling and wanting to quit, were you feeling pain and had to fight through it?  If not, did you really struggle with every step to keep pressing on?

Departing our vehicle at the 9,000 foot elevation we begin the arduous task of hiking the Whitney Portal area and I am struck by the rugged, rugged windswept barren moonscape.  All which this environ endures on a yearly basis; winter day upon winter night of rock-fracturing freezing temperatures; snow packs bending ancient Bristle Cone Pines low as from the crushing weight of an elephant on ones chest.  This seeming barren and lifeless landscape nonetheless holds a unique and amazing beauty born out of the very harsh conditions that would seem to kill all beauty.

Mt. Whitney juts up from the desert floor of the Owens Valley to a breath stealing 14,505 feet.

Bristle Cone Pine

Some lives might appear to pattern this environment that I describe.  Unconquerable heights, long stints in dry, barren and hot deserts; long, cold and dark winters where life seems to have come to a halt as it lays under a deep blanket of snow.  The naked eye – maybe just the untrained eye – is unable to see all the life and budding beauty being created in these conditions.  Come spring and the blanket is rolled away, come the rainy season and water flows in the desert and watch and be amazed at what you see.  Beauty!  Amazing beauty!  So it is with each one of us.  There will be seasons when we feel as though all life within us has ceased; we will be unable to see the end of the road, the end of the trail; all that we see before us is a rough road in a dry and barren place. However just as the Snow Flower bursts forth each Spring, we too shall burst forth with  great beauty when we allow what has been ordained for us to wrought it’s work in us.

Seems that some people who have traveled the toughest roads; that have lingered in the hot, dry desert; that have endured the long cold seasons blanketed in solitude, at their appointed times spring forth with breathtaking beauty for all to see.

We each travel a road.  Some roads appear, from a distance, to travel through green pastures – meadows with a cool stream flowing through and trees for shade along that way; much like the photo above.  Some roads seem to travel too often and too long in the desert.  Sometimes we even travel the same road more than once.  Possibly we did not learn what we could have on that road or possibly we were not ready to learn all we could. You know, peel back the layers to reveal what is hiding at a deeper layer! Being a foodie I think about working with a raw onion, it makes me cry, but when I put an onion to the fire, to heat, it sweetens and releases a sweet aroma.  Like the rugged beauty of Whitney Portal, the road home can feel long and arduous….but oh SO beautiful and worth every step needed.

I had thought to add some Onion recipes but am finishing this up at 2AM and with heavy lids I am not inclined to search my recipe file…I may come back and update with recipes…or not.

Bless and Be Blessed~

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