Peaches ‘n’ Cream

Peaches 'n' Cream ~

Peaches, Blueberries and Kashi Cereal ~

Well, alright, not exactly Cream.  More like organic, pasteurized, non-GMO, 2% milk but I know the Peaches ‘n’ Cream phrase and that’s what popped into my head as I prepared my breakfast.  The most basic of activities sets my mind to pondering, maybe it’s wondering!  Maybe it’s Spaghetti Brain!  Maybe it’s the mid-life “M”-pause at which my masculine readers cringe.  Whatever the cause, using my last peach prompted me to lament that I have not had the time nor means to indulge in the quantity of peaches that I’d normally indulge in and the past few delightfully cool mornings remind me that the season is winding down.  I can feel the change occurring.  I have yet to see signs of it in the trees.  I have yet to see or hear signs of it in the sky…but the morning temperatures are heralding the changing of the seasons.  Heralding changes draws my mind to the pomp and circumstance surrounding – heralding – the changing of the guard at the Palace in Prague which I witnessed during a brutally cold December visit.

Palace Guards, Prague, Czech Republic !

Changing of the guard at Palace in Prague, CR ~

Growing up in a climate that put on a rather drab change of seasons performance, I relish  my first hand observatory of the wondrous display, the nuances put forth for those who choose to tune in, listen up and take note.  My previous residence heralded the change dropping copious quantities of acorns.  The mountain residence prior heralded the change with deer congregating close in town to escape the arrows of bow hunters, prior to the deer the Canadian Geese would honk the change as they schooled their new brood in the fine art of water lift off’s and landings on the safety of the calm backwaters of the lake; strengthening their muscles and perfecting their V.  I miss their melodies drifting on the crisp fall breezes through open windows.  It has been my habit to drop what is at hand and fly out the door to listen, to scan the skies and drink in the wonder of migrating birds. (Maybe it’s a creative mind that ponders where they’ve been and what they’ve seen and wishes that I’d been a hitchhiker on a wing.) The Ross’s Goose flies high and has a melodic song that bids me drop my task at hand, diligently search the sky following their faint high-pitched yet perfectly tuned melody until I find their tiny forms high overhead.   For indeed, all Creation declares His name.

Ross Goose by Ryan Askren

Ross Goose by Ryan Askren

Seasons of weather. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. A  time to sow, a time to reap. Seasons of life.  Birth, Growth, Sorrow, Joy, Peace, Maturity, Contentment, Death.  A time to live, a time to die.  A purpose for every Season.

Peach Blush ~

Look at her Blush! ~

With the slip of a peach’s skin I am flooded with memories of my great-grandma and canning peaches in her tiny Nebraska kitchen.  Wish I could share with you my minds-eye picture of that kitchen and my mom and I working with her.  I can hear her wonder and amazement at the simple, yet majestic beauty of a peach’s ‘blush’.  How she valued the gift of fresh peaches and cherries that we would bring her from our drive through Provo Canyon, Utah.  For a woman who managed to scrape together a sandwich for any person in need that knocked on her back door along the tracks of North Platte during the Great Depression, preserved cherries and peaches bedazzling the shelves of her winter pantry were a treasure indeed.

Dehydrated O'Henry Peach ~

Beautiful rich colors of dehydrated O’Henry Peach ~

My preservation of fruit has dwindled considerably since my own brood has flown the coop, mainly put up jams that I use as gifts.  I do dehydrate a quantity of O’Henry Peaches for my snacking pleasure on my motorcycle.  O’Henry is my favorit-est (yes, I do insist that it is a word in this case.  Alright English teachers, my most favorite) peach.  Firm. Juicy. Minimal Fuzz. Packed with flavor.  A breeze to dehydrate too as there is no sulfuring required.  Just run ’em through the tomato slicer and spread on the trays.  When dehydrated I place them in ziplocs in the freezer.  If they should get a bit to dry wet your hand and shake it into the bag…not too much tho…just a tad.  These are wonderful on trips to keep things moving along.

Peaches 'n' Blueberries ~

Peaches ‘n’ Blueberries ~

I didn’t get this posted yesterday and there was a sign this morning as my kitty girl jumped up to snuggle my lap.  Delight in  her unconditional lovies.

Bless and Be Blessed ~

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