Nope, I’m not confused about what time of year it is.  I have been so excessively busy lately (at least it feels like it to me) but I have not gotten to the point where I have forgotten the seasons…yet!


Trumpeters of Season’s Change?!

Recently I wrote about feeling the change coming but not, as yet, having seen evidence of it in the flora.  Today, according to the calendar, it is official.  The first day of Fall.  I did see it just the other day in the leaves of the Raywood Ash tree.  Also saw it in the gathering waterfowl population at the wildlife refuge.

Two weeks ago young people from church arrived to help work on the dog pen. Naturally my father could not stay away from helping; upon his arrival he handed me a vase filled with these stunningly beautiful flowers.   Aren’t they stunning?  My father regularly cuts flowers, placing them in a vase in the kitchen window for my mother’s enjoyment.  Kisses.


Stunning Beauty…”BAM! Here’s Fall”

I don’t know the real name of this flower. I call them Firecrackers, my brother calls them Sparklers…so Sparklers it is for this article. My church has had an unofficial Flower Lady that regularly shares bulbs and rhizomes from her yard along with providing weekly, beautiful, informal arrangements.  Mom picked up some of these little bulbs years back, stuck them in the ground and as they have bloomed and multiplied, been blessed with this amazing little beauty that bursts onto the scene late in the season as if it were the official “Trumpeter of Season’s Change”.

Gathering of Sparklers

Profusion of Sparklers

Change is inevitable.  Seasons come and go.  Love Fall.  Embrace change.

Bless and Be Blessed

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