This is the Day….

I stopped in to my local coffee/wi-fi supplier to share some thoughts and as I sit down I am struck by  what a delight it is to hear three young fathers – apparent by their conversation.  To hear a father delight in the fruit of his loins and then in walks his wife with their son and he beams and the other two likewise and ooh and ahh over this young life they are blessed to mold and guide. As I type he continues to hold this joy of his life and kiss him on the head.  How I am blessed and yet saddened.  Why saddened?  There are so many children whom have never known this fatherly love and those now who will not.  My own did not experience this level of fatherly love.  While I do not doubt that their father loved his children, sadly he was not able to demonstrate it in a healthy, nurturing manner.  Additionally, I am saddened for the great loss that he experienced by not being able to give of himself to others…what a loss it is for him….not to mention my dear children.


Now, for what really prompted me to write this morning.  Locally we have been uncharacteristically cold – downright icy morning after morning.  Mr. Frost has been busily painting the newly sprouted grasses a beautiful crispy white and his assistants weaving their lace finery of thin ice over the rivulets and pools that form where the soil is saturated and unable to drink anymore moisture at the moment.  I hated driving through the edge of one of the pools and destroying the icy lace.


My father says to watch the animals to learn.  This morning as I drove forward on the ranch to feed my chickens which are housed on the back side of one of the horse sheds I observed the horses standing with their backs to the metal siding.  I am impressed with how smart God created them to be.  With their backs to the metal siding they are catching the heat radiating off the metal and their faces into the sun they are catching the heat of the direct rays.

This is the last day of the most memorable year of my life.  2012.  This year will surely go down in infamy in my life…haha, love words, tho upon checking it’s definition infamy has a negative connotation and while 2012 has had a plethora of negativity it has also had some of the greatest blessings that I have ever experienced.  Therefor, indulge me today and allow me the grace to give ‘infamy’ a little bit of my own meaning.

I last wrote and told you that I would have a different approach in my postings.  


First, my Marriage Dissolution is finalized.  30 years.  Many, many, many valuable lessons.

Second, but first in my life, is that my heart is spoken for as I love the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is not meant to be offensive to anyone who does not love whom I love; anyone whom has yet to experience this love relationship that is like no other.  I am simply telling who who I am.  If who I am is offensive to you you have the freedom of choice to not read my blog but please be kind one to another.  I am not the person that is to judge you nor change you, I do not hold that power.  I simply desire to share my thoughts and many of those thoughts center around my love relationship.

Third, I likely will infrequently do food posts.  I love cooking.  Food is a love language for me.  However, I have no wi-fi at home.  I have only limited knowledge of how to put it all together and it was consuming too much of my time.  I would love to be sharing the blessings of my creativity, i.e., what I created this morning as a result of a last minute invite for tonight and an income that is less than $1,000.00 per month…….more on all of this later.

Last but, yes, not least.  I am the happiest that I have been in SO very many years.  I desire to share that happiness with you and pray that in so doing you may be blessed.

Bless…Be Blessed~

(As I sign off, the young father continues to cradle his son who is now contentedly sleeping in his daddy’s safe arms.)





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