I needed to write a quick post to state that I likely will not be able to post here until my court proceedings are completed.  In ProPer is a daunting task not to mention the stress of a marriage dissolution for an individual who never wanted divorce and believes that you do everything to save a marriage.

When I started blogging I thought I would be able continue through the proceedings, desiring to share my journey as I traveled along this path but alas, some days are so incredibly challenging that I find I cannot concentrate to place my feelings and experience into words.  I thought that sharing my love of good food and the creativity I find in it would be helpful.  While it is, it is also a challenge in my present living situation to accomplish what is required in preparing, photographing, composing and posting.

Therefore, until I am in a place where I am able to post more regularly I will forego it for the time being.

I will return with a different approach that is more revelatory of who I truly am as I have spent considerable time in composition in hopes of not being offensive to individuals with views that may differ from my own.  In this I have not been true to myself nor thee One whom I love so dearly.

Remember,  Bless and Be Blessed~

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2 Responses to Brokenness

  1. Phil Sullivan says:

    I’m sorry that you’re having a rough time. We will miss your words. Looking forward to your return. God bless.

    • Phil, Thank you for following and for your supportive and kind words. There is much that rattles around my mind striving to get out so I will return when the dust settles a bit.

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